Yummy House Bakery Brand Refresh
Yummy House Bakery specializes in traditional Hong Kong pastries that appeal to families, elderly, Seattle locals, or foodies looking for local hidden gems. Open since 1998, it is locally owned with the help of generational trust and loyal customer base that keeps the business cemented as a staple in Seattle International District. Despite its longevity, the visual presence of the bakery has remained largely untouched. This brand refresh includes a dual system featuring an iconographic logo with an accompanying word mark. The icon used as the main visual for the brand is a visualization of a grandparent-like figure, smiling warmly to invite customers into the space, and knowing that what they choose to purchase will put a smile on their face as well as anyone they choose to share the goods with. Although used for different business collateral, the word mark also continues to emulate the look of Hong Kong signage in a friendly curved shape.
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Yummy House Bakery branded take-out bags. Pastries falling into the bag one after another!
Yummy House Bakery to-go boxes for pastries or cake orders. A warm smile to greet you as you open the lid to reveal treats that will make anybody happy.
A visual system of how both brand marks work together on company stationery and business collateral.
Bringing social media presence up for Yummy House Bakery one pastry at a time.