WaveLink Audio
WaveLink Audio presents a surround sound experience tailored for apartment living. This innovative solution effortlessly surmounts the obstacles associated with conventional wired surround sound systems and permanent wall mount installations, introducing a truly wireless and user-friendly set of surround sound speakers. With WaveLink, the installation process is a breeze—simply connect the subwoofer hub, unpack the speakers, reveal the adhesive mounts, and affix each speaker to the corner of your room. The rest is taken care of by WaveLink. By harnessing the power of wireless RF trickle charging and Bluetooth audio transmission, WaveLink eliminates the need for unsightly wires strewn across your living space, cumbersome wall drilling, or intricate connection procedures. In the end, WaveLink Audio delivers a seamless and immersive audio experience, enriching your movies, games, and music with exceptional sound quality.
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Unlike traditional surround sound speakers, WaveLink has a slim profile and subdued aesthetic, designed to blend into walls/decor in the home.
WaveLink's dimensions are derived from the "golden ratio", creating not only aesthetic proportions but ideal acoustic sound quality from these panel speakers.
The main components enabling WaveLink to perform are an audio exciter vibrating 1/8" mdf, a PCB housing the wireless audio processor/RF power/charge controller, and a 5000mAh battery charged from across the room using RF antennas from the subwoofer.