Wandering Hearthfire
There’s something magic about a fire that you cannot recreate with gas or charcoal. The combination of atmosphere, cooking, and the ability to transition to a fire pit were the foremost tenants of my concepts. And thus, through fire and flames, the Wandering Hearthfire Portable Grill was born. My design provides a harmonious blend of traditional cooking techniques and contemporary design, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts and food lovers alike. The accessories provide a slatted or griddle-style surfaces. These are easily removable so the grill can transition into a firepit and be enjoyed as an object of atmosphere. The wide basin allows the chef to rake coals under the grill surfaces to regulate the temperature. Its compact size and portability make it perfect for outdoor adventures while still delivering the unique smoky flavor of wood-fired cooking.
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These are animations that explain the function of the swinging legs and showcase the accessories available for the grill. Enjoy!
The grill in its cooking configuration with the slatted grill surface. Fire burns hot but still allows the chef to control the heat.
The grill in its fire pit configuration.
The grill in its collapsed state. The legs fold and nest inside the grill body along with the accessories.
All accessories pictured, including coal shovel.