Volta Electric Grill
Living in small urban spaces often presents challenges, including finding ways to make small outdoor areas usable. Yet few solutions exist for a safe and efficient way to cook in urban outdoor environments such as apartment balconies, rooftops, and small yards. Designed for modularity, practicality, and space efficiency, Volta is a compact electric grill that enables the perfect outdoor urban cooking experience without the mess and hassle of gas or charcoal. The Volta suite of products includes a railing-mounted table and a storage cart to create the best grilling setup for any size space. Modular wooden surfaces nest on top of the lid when not in use, and key into slots on the side of the grill to create prep surfaces for easy grilling. Other features include a removable cast iron grate, an aluminum interior pan for heat circulation, a hinged chord wrap, and an LED temperature display. Volta comes in three colors to accent any outdoor space’s unique style.
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The electric grill provides a safe way to grill on small balconies. Volta's compact footprint allows for use with existing outdoor furniture such as small tables.
Volta nests perfectly atop the optional storage cart which features wheels for easy mobility, and drawers and shelving that allow the cart to double as an outdoor storage unit.
Volta's steel shell houses its internal features including a cast iron grate, heating element, electrical components, aluminum insulation pan, and removable drip pan, while the wooden prep surfaces nest on top of the lid when not in use.
Volta comes in three stylish colors: Dusk Blue, Rust Orange, and Snow Silver.