The VERA Project

As part of this 10-week project I rebranded Seattle's all-ages hub for music and art, rebuilding their site to be responsive and match the vibrancy of Seattle’s youth culture and live music scene.

Hosting shows regularly, VERA is a safe space where young musicians can “build their chops” and get real-world experience. Though the physical space is exploding with energy, it currently lacks a comparable online experience. To help build the community, I sought to build an online space for youth to gather online and participate in VERA's various services from wherever they're at. Using VERA’s existing site infrastructure, I organized all of their clubs, programs, and services into 5 categories. Pops of colors and shapes were created to help distinguish the various services available to students at the facility and to allow for each program to have their own space on the site. The site design was adapted to be responsive for mobile, tablet, and desktop use.
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