The Life and Death of the American Mall

A collection of short stories juxtaposing the nostalgia and cynicism of the American Mall.
In August of 2019, the mall I grew up going to, forcing me to think about my relationship with the mall. On one hand a failed simulation of a perfect city, on the other a space that holds important memories of my adolescence, a walk through the mall elicits both positive and negative emotions. This publication embodies that ambivalence in the form of short stories, some nostalgic, others cynical, all centered around the malls of American suburbia. The name of this publication includes “the life and death” not just for poetic effect, but because the stories are either categorized in “the life” half or “the death” half, depending on it’s outlook on malls. As it switches between them, the visual language shifts dramatically. From use of color to text alignment, typeface to photo treatment, page furniture to the finish of the paper, the two halves inhabit the same book in stark juxtaposition. The only element that remains the same is the underlying grid, however different the uses of it may be.
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