As an avid crafter and advocate of sustainable clothing habits, I’ve
undertaken numerous upcycling projects over the years. I often find myself left with an abundance of scrap fabric awaiting a renewed
purpose. Recently, while working on a project centered around overconsumption and the alarming surge in textile waste, I gained a deeper understanding of the sheer magnitude of gently used and never-worn garments being discarded each year. This research served as a catalyst, inspiring me to bring new life into clothing that would otherwise end up in a landfill. My aim was to utilize screen printing, cyanotypes, embroidery, and all those fabric scraps I’ve been diligently preserving (!!!) to create something that feels fresh without contributing to further textile waste.
It’s been empowering to transform unwanted clothing into a blank canvas and enjoy the creative process of turning it into something new. Each piece is crafted entirely from pre-owned and scrap materials, allowing me to repurpose, rediscover, and Re/imagine the potential hidden within discarded garments.
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