Lighting has become such an integral part of our lives yet at the same time it often goes unnoticed. The idea behind Obelisk is bringing light to the physical, prompting users to make conscious decisions about the light in their space. The colored glass spheres work as an analogue way to shift the warmth and color of light in a space by swapping out the illuminated sphere with one of the other options below.

Creating a separation between work and life is important to live a happy life. Obelisk empowers users to craft their own rituals according to their preferences. Individuals have varying preferences when it comes to the warmth of light, depending on the specific tasks or time of day. Whether it’s using white light for focused work or warm yellow light for relaxation, Obelisk prompts users to physically change the device, initiating a shift in their environment. Through this repeated process, the ritual takes shape, enabling a mental shift to the task at hand.
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