Nomad Cookware
In a small or mobile living situation such as an RV, van, or micro-apartment, kitchens often become compromised. Full cupboards of pots, pans, and appliances are often reduced to at most a single small shelf. As a result, the food preparation and dining process of those who live in these spaces becomes much more of a hassle than an experience. Nomad Cookware is a unique multipurpose mini-kitchen appliance that seeks to rectify this. Within a device just under 16 X 20 in., Nomad offers a full kitchen setup of a stove top with a pot and pan and an oven, all in one. Inspired by the Wonderpot of the 1970’s, Nomad offers a unique solution that provides convection cooking in a portable size. Furthermore, to reduce the problem of cleanup, Nomad allows for all the capabilities that dozens of pots and pans would offer in just two simple pieces of stainless steel coated cookware. Boiling, baking, searing, and many more modes of cooking are all available through Nomad kitchen.
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Nomad features a nested three-part pan system that spans all its cooking capabilities. A hollow heating disk at the bottom circulates hot air that then rises through the convection pan tunnel and circulates throughout the inside of the system.
By air circulating then flowing up and around the convection pan, air flows through Nomad Cookware in the same way that it does in a typical home oven. This allows for baking and other oven-based forms of preparing food to be achieved on the go.
The lid can also act as a pot and a pan depending on its orientation. Simply remove the convection pan for a traditional pan style cooktop, or remove the heating disk as well and flip the lid for a pot to boil water or other liquids in.