Stress relief, one outdoor minute at a time.
Stress for city dwellers builds up fast, a major part of it is being stuck indoors. It is proven that spending as little as five minutes outdoors can reduce stress levels as well as help the brain work in a better and healthier way. Node helps to remind and encourage city dwellers to destress by spending more time outdoors during their busy daily lives. In hypothetical partnership with REI, Node consists of two parts, a pack of 3 ‘nodes’ and a free app. Using a UV light sensor, the nodes attach to your gear and track how much time you spend outside based on how much natural light they are exposed to. They send this data to your phone via Bluetooth when nearby. After filling out a questionnaire, you receive a set of three personalized goals sent by REI through the app. The app displays your progress. REI incentivizes you to spend more time outside and ultimately destress by giving you custom rewards when all outdoor minutes are spent and goals are reached. For example, after finishing a daily goal with your bike node, REI might give you a discount on a new helmet. Or, when you reach your overall goal, they may give you a choice between receiving a large addition to your dividend or having them donate to local city parks.
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