Naiture is a book created to explore the values of the nineteenth-century worldview, Transcendentalism, with the unique lens of our current age technology of Artificial Intelligence. The chapters are split by thematic topic (Nature, The Individual, Perseverance, Sublime, Time, and Notes on Ai). The book is 126 pages and perfect bound. It has been refined and reproduced to be sold since its original creation in the fall of this year. The original version was Coptic sewn and Swiss bound. Throughout the creation of Naiture, I found that the purpose of artificial intelligence in a creative sense is to be a tool, and the human eye of curation and creation could never be replaced by automation. It was a joy to work on Naiture throughout the year and is an ode to some of my favorite thinkers, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Emily Dickinson being just a few featured.
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Selected spreads of Naiture
Several copies of Naiture
Microsite used to sell Naiture
Original hand-sewn binding of first edition of Naiture