Mayo Skincare

Beauty Clean Enough to Eat
With the original intent of creating a design studio called Mayo, our names combined, this idea evolved into the visual identity for a fictitious skincare line, bridging our passions for beauty and branding. We are both half-Japanese, and much of the visual language, including the eye-catching red color, is inspired by Kewpie Mayo, a Japanese mayonnaise company. The modified Kewpie mascot we created as the face of our brand originates from an illustration by Rose O’Niell, which was later used to promote women’s suffrage. As two women in an adjacent field to O’Niell, discovering this felt like a validating serendipity. We also used this as an opportunity to challenge ourselves by executing every piece of the brand. We designed the branding, printed the packaging and took every photo, no mockups! We then took those assets and created our website and social media accounts. This project is also a study of direct-to-consumer brands, in which we identified qualities of successful D2Cs to apply to our own. For the full study, visit our site!
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