Magneflex is an innovative ankle exercise footstool specifically designed for individuals experiencing chronic ankle instabilities, a condition characterized by long-term instability that can occur frequently during everyday activities, particularly prevalent when walking on sidewalks. Despite being a commonly prevalent problem, there is a lack of awareness and sufficient treatment options available for ankle issues. This is mainly because the ankle, being a peripheral extremity, is often overlooked, underutilized, and underestimated, making it challenging to effectively address and monitor progress in its treatment. Therefore, the main design challenge of this project is to develop an exercise routine that seamlessly integrates into users' lives.

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By pursuing a more harmonious connection with the environment, the design took many bold decisions to go "small". Every aspect of the design is intended to fit in, from the form, the material, the interaction, to the technology.
Yet remaining a low profile that is aesthetically and interactively compatible with workplace settings, the elevated form and surface transitions, thoughtfully chosen textures and vibrant color options, still ensure a touch of motivation and dynamic appeal to the overall aesthetic of the product.
Innovatively, Magneflex utilizes programmable magnet patterns to provide a comprehensive three-dimensional resistance system designed specifically for ankle training purposes.
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CNC base and 3D printed parts