In Whose Hands

An interactive book exploring the topics of human existence: fate, destiny, free will, karma, and chance.
Are we destined to follow a certain path in life? How do the concepts of fate and destiny fit with the belief of free will? This 128-page publication guides readers through an interactive journey in exploring their belief(s) and other people’s viewpoints on the topics of fate, destiny, free will, karma, and chance. The book educates readers about some of the history, mystical practices, and psychological benefits and disadvantages of each theory. In addition, the book contains short interviews and a hidden section on chance. I chose this topic in hopes to answer my questions and identify my beliefs on the complicated concept of human existence. At the same time, I wanted to help others explore their views by giving them the freedom to read in any manner, including one that is uniquely structured to the individual’s questions and beliefs.
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