Born in the streets of New York, breakdancing emerged as an artistic and athletic movement featuring dynamic performances that filled the breaks between dance records. Today, breaking has transformed into an international phenomenon reaching new heights as it enters the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. Despite its growing popularity and dedicated community, minimal exploration has been done in developing a shoe specifically for breakers, creating endless opportunities for innovative design.

Cypher is designed with function at the forefront, contouring to the shape of the foot and its movements through its flexible and adjustable design. Highlighted by the interior bootie and dual lacing system, Cypher provides the perfect snug fit for long-term wear. Prioritizing traction, weight, ventilation, and protection for the user, Cypher is designed uniquely for the sport.

Inspired by the physical and metaphorical strength of breakers, Cypher takes on a unique exoskeletal support system. Extending from the rubber outsole into the upper, Cypher is composed of rigid TPU bodies that enable lightweight stability for both the ankle and the arch. Additional interior padding and an adjustable shock chord provide the perfect balance of structure and support to enhance your performance.
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