Cycle Teeter

A roll on, roll off bicycle plus bus experience.
As more urban dwellers look to alternative means of transportation, including combining their bicycle with public transit. Cities like Seattle have outfitted their entire fleet of buses, with bicycle racks specifically to give riders more options. Though to the uninitiated rider, using the rack on the front of the bus can be intimating. It involves making eye contact with the bus driver before stepping in front of the bus. Then figuring out how to lower the rack, so they can lift their bike on to it. Additionally other riders can find it awkward to have to lift their bicycle on to the rack, due to height, age or ability. Adding to the intimidation factor is the fact that the average bicycles weigh 25lbs or more. Cycle Teeter is designed so that each of the rack’s bike trays first slides towards and then tilts down to the rider, allowing the rider to simply lift just the front wheel and then roll their bike up on to the rack, instead of lifting the entire bicycle. To help communication between the driver and the rider, the raising and lowering Cycle Teeter is automated with an electric motor, controlled by the driver from inside the bus. Allowing the driver to physically initiate communication and assist the rider without having to leave the bus.
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