Bearly is a city-dwelling anthropomorphic bear. He grew up feeling pressured by society with people telling him what he could do, what he should do. Over time he learned how to just be himself and focus less on what other people told him to be. He has a lot of room left to grow but he has changed his mindset and has learned to grow at his own pace and be true to who he is. Although often tired, Bearly tries to remain unbothered, and it shows in his expression and body language.

This project was all about the development of the character and giving him meaning, purpose, and a personality. Bearly isn’t just a bear and he’s here to prove it. Every detail has meaning, from his raindrop zipper to his Magic 8 Ball puffer jacket to the way he looks “Bearly” amused. Through 3D form, social media, icons, and stickers, he's just starting to bring light to his name.
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What better way to add to Seattle culture than to be turned into a stickers and slapped across the city? Look closely when walking around and you might spot Bearly looking right at you.
Bearly is leaving his mark... his wordmark that is. Featuring bold and puffy letters, almost as puffy as his jacket.