Aiming to redesign an existing game, Albatross asks What would something like Among Us look like if it took place on a mid-century ocean liner? How would its cast of quirky Poirot-style characters populate that world? What would their story be?

This whodunnit mystery PC game operates on the same basic mechanics as Mafia with the added challenge of keeping the ship afloat. Imposters are possessed by a malevolent sea spirit and feel compelled to kill while both passengers and crew must do everything in their power to oust them and make it safely back to land.

Following a complete redesign from the ground up, this conceptual trailer outlines key gameplay moments and animations encountered by gamers as they navigate a mystery at sea.
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A 40 second conceptual trailer for the Albatross video game
Still shot from the Albatross video game trailer.
Another collaged still shot from the Albatross animated video game trailer.
Sneak peak behind the curtain at how each paper character in the trailer was puppeted
Closeup scan of the storyboard behind the trailer.